Vinugayathri Chinnasamy

Vinugayathri is a Senior content writer of Indusface. She has been an avid reader & writer in the tech domain since 2015. She has been a strategist and analyst of upcoming tech trends and their impact on the Cybersecurity, IoT, and AI landscape. She is a content marketer simplifying technical anomalies for aspiring Entrepreneurs.

First Directory of Virtual CISO Providers Launched by Cynomi

 The industry’s first-ever directory of virtual Chief Information Security Officer service providers has gone live today at This extensive list of virtual CISO (vCISO) providers, collated by Cynomi, means that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can easily tap...

API Security Testing: Importance, Risks, and Test Cases

In the ever-evolving landscape of system connectivity, APIs have transformed how information is shared and utilized. However, their widespread adoption has introduced security risks that cannot be ignored. LinkedIn's data breach, where approximately 92% of data was exposed due to...

How Secure Are Your Digital Ads Against Bots?

The rise of digital ad fraud has been a nightmare for businesses and marketers alike. Sophisticated bots can easily imitate human behavior and generate fake clicks, views, and impressions, costing companies millions of dollars in wasted ad spending. Is...

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