North Korean Hacker Group Breached US IT Firm JumpCloud

The cloud-based IT management firm JumpCloud was compromised by North Korean Lazarus Group hackers who appear to be financially motivated to steal cryptocurrencies.Since at...
API Security Checklist

API Security Checklist: A Must Read Guide 2023

APIs are poisoned pills you can’t live without. In today’s world, they are the enemy you must coddle next to every night. That is...

Poisoned Facebook Ads Deliver Malware Using Fake ChatGPT, Bard & Other AI Services

Cyber criminals have recently started using Facebook to pretend to be well-known generative AI brands like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Midjourney, and Jasper to steal users'...

Minor Typo Results in the Leak of Millions Sensitive of US Military Emails

Thousands of US military emails were allegedly leaked to Mali, a country in western Africa, due to an unintentional typo error that occurred over...
JumpCloud Hacked

JumpCloud Hacked – Attackers Compromised The Systems Via Spear-phishing Attack

JumpCloud, an American commercial software company, has announced a data breach attributed to a spear phishing attack launched by a sophisticated nation-state-sponsored threat actor.As...
dark web secrets

Dark Web Secrets: Mystery Behind the Anonymous World

Dark Web Secrets: Have you ever wondered about the mysterious parts of the internet? Welcome to the dark web.This uncharted digital territory, inaccessible...

Lazarus APT Group Hijack Windows IIS Servers to Distribute Malware

Threat actors always search for vulnerable devices and networks to gain illicit access and perform malicious activities to accomplish their goals.The APT group, Lazarus,...

Beware of Weaponized TeamViewer Installer that Delivers njRAT

Threat actors relying on legitimate, well-known software TeamViewer for exploitation has been a very common scenario.There have been several cases where threat actors...

New Research Reveals APT Groups Targeting Security Researchers

As per the research conducted by SentinelOne, a new risk has been identified, which affects the information security researchers as well as the infosec...

Former Security Engineer Arrested for Stealing $9 Million from Crypto Exchange

Shakeeb Ahmed, a former security engineer, has been arrested for defrauding a decentralized crypto exchange and stealing over $9 million.A digital currency exchange, also...

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