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Hackers Use “chatgpt5[.]zip” Lure to Trick Users into Downloading Malware

Hackers Use "chatgpt5 zip" to Trick Users into Downloading Malware. Phishing remains a severe cybersecurity threat, deceiving employees with cleverly disguised malicious links and...

EdgeRouter and AirCube miniupnpd Vulnerabilities Enable Attackers to Execute Arbitrary Code

AirCube is a wireless access point device used in homes and Edge Routers are special routers manufactured by Ubiquiti that act at the network...

Free Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Course for GBHackers Readers – Become a Professional...

Are you eager to take an Ethical Hacking course online and want to be a profound Cyber Security Expert? If your answer is YES, then this course is only...
First Attack Exploits Android Vulnerability CVE-2019-2215 to Install Malware Without User Interaction Via Google Play

Hackers Exploit Android Vulnerability to Install Malware Without User Interaction Via Google Play

Security researchers from Trend Micro observed three malicious apps on Google Play that aims to compromise victims' devices and steal information from the SideWinder...
What is DNS Attack and How Does it Works?

What is DNS Attack and How Does it Work?

DNS Attack is a type of cyber attack that exploits the weakness or vulnerability in a Domain name system.Today, the internet has turned...

100+ Best Malware Analysis Tools & Resources – 2023

Malware analysis tools are highly essential for Security Professionals who always need to learn many tools, techniques, and concepts to analyze sophisticated Threats and...
Phishing Attacks

Shut Down Phishing Attacks – Types, Methods, Detection, Prevention Checklist

In today's interconnected world, where digital communication and transactions dominate, phishing attacks have become an ever-present threat.By masquerading as trustworthy entities, phishing attacks deceive...
Google's Device Vulnerability Reward

New Android & Google Device Vulnerability Reward Program – Rewards of up to $15,000!

Google's Device Vulnerability Reward Program helps the company identify security flaws in its operating system and devices.To promote additional security research in areas of...
Github Push Protection

Github Announced Push Protection Feature Free for all Public Repositories

GitHub is one of the largest code repository platforms developers use worldwide.Developers belonging to an organization, individual developers, and enterprise developers use this...
New Akira Ransomware

New Akira Ransomware Attacking Organizations and Exposes Sensitive Data

A new ransomware variant called "Akira" has emerged, targeting multiple organizations and employing a double-extortion technique by exfiltrating and encrypting sensitive data, with the...

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