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15 More Vulnerabilities Added to 2023 CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software

The CVE MITRE foundation has released the list of “On the Cusp” in which many of the CWEs (Common Weakness Enumerations) have increased as...

WormGPT: Cybercriminals AI Tool Gained Over 5,000 Subscribers in Just a Week

The revolutionary innovations by AI (Artificial Intelligence) include generative AI that has various creative potential, but along with that it also raises serious concerns...
Exchange Servers Malware

Hackers Turn Exchange Servers into Malware Command & Control Centers

Turla, also known as Secret Blizzard, KRYPTON, and UAC-0003, is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group that has been associated with Russia's Federal Security...

Beware of Weaponized TeamViewer Installer that Delivers njRAT

Threat actors relying on legitimate, well-known software TeamViewer for exploitation has been a very common scenario.There have been several cases where threat actors...

Hackers Leverage USB Flash Drives to Attack Public and Private Sectors Globally

During the initial half of 2023, a notable surge occurred in attacks exploiting infected USB drives for secret theft.While the USB-based operation campaigns caused...

New Research Reveals APT Groups Targeting Security Researchers

As per the research conducted by SentinelOne, a new risk has been identified, which affects the information security researchers as well as the infosec...

Legion Tool Steals PUBG Players’ Browser Passwords through a Fake GitHub Repo

"The Legion" is a Python-based software that has been crafted with the explicit intention of gathering credentials.Its propagation initially occurred via Telegram channels,...

RomCom Threat Actor Uses Weaponized Microsoft Word File to Deliver Malware

RomCom is a RAT - that enables remote access/control over devices to exfiltrate sensitive information for financial gain, now being used in geo politically-motivated...
DEV-0270 Hacker Group Uses Windows BitLocker Feature to Encrypt Systems

DEV-0270 Hacker Group Uses Windows BitLocker Feature to Encrypt Systems

The DEV-0270 (aka Nemesis Kitten), an Iranian state-sponsored hacker group has been uncovered abusing a Windows feature known as BitLocker.While Nemesis Kitten is one...

How To Respond Cyber Incident In your Organization

An incident response plan is very essential for any organization to respond to an incident as quickly as possible. Here we have overviewed how...

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