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Crypto Phishing Attack

New Crypto Phishing Attack Steals Funds from Cold Wallets

Cryptocurrency's rising fame and diverse storage methods expand the arsenal of tools used by threat actors chasing digital assets and funds.The threat actors...

Letscall – New Sophisticated Voice over IP Phishing Attack Steal Banking Details

Vishing's popularity has surged significantly in recent years, and this phenomenon is gradually destroying the trust factor in unknown calls from numbers that are...

Charming Kitten APT Group Uses Innovative Spear-phishing Methods

Charming Kitten APT Group Uses Innovative Spear-phishing Methods. Volexity researchers recently noticed that threat actors are actively intensifying their efforts to compromise the credentials...
ChatGPT Detect Phishing Sites

Can ChatGPT Detect Phishing Sites? – Researchers Answered

The subject of whether ChatGPT can be used to create phishing sites and if it can also be used to detect them accurately has...
Banking AitM Phishing

New Banking AitM Phishing and BEC Attacks Financial Organisations – Microsoft

In a recent revelation, Microsoft disclosed that banking and financial service institutions had become the active target of a fresh attack known as adversary-in-the-middle...
Phishing Attacks

Shut Down Phishing Attacks – Types, Methods, Detection, Prevention Checklist

In today's interconnected world, where digital communication and transactions dominate, phishing attacks have become an ever-present threat.By masquerading as trustworthy entities, phishing attacks deceive...
New Phishing Attacks

New Phishing Attacks Using ChatGPT to Develop Sophisticated Campaigns

Phishing has been one of the greatest threats to organizations, growing year after year. Phishing attacks have contributed to 90% of data breaches in...
Spear Phishing

What is Spear Phishing Attack? – Guide for Motives, Techniques & Prevention Methods

Every day tens of thousands of Spear phishing emails are sent to millions of victims around the world.Cyber-attacks have different pathways now; they can...
Facebook Infrastructure Used by Hackers

Facebook Infrastructure Used by Hackers in Phishing Attack Chain

A Meta-Phish attack that could lead to the loss of personally identifiable information (PII), login information, and a Facebook profile link was discovered by...
Phishing-as-a-Service Platform Lets Anyone Launch Own Phishing Campaigns

Phishing-as-a-Service Platform Lets Anyone Launch Own Phishing Campaigns

With the release of the PhaaS platform called 'Caffeine', threat actors can now easily launch their own sophisticated phishing attacks. Anyone who wants to...

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