Virtual Private Network

Computers and the Internet have become one of the main means of transmitting and processing information.

Most of the information on the Internet is open to all users, so many companies provide their employees with the Internet, make the protection of corporate traffic.

VPN can provide reliable and coordinated work between computers of the company.

It is also capable of transferring corporate IP traffic using a secure protocol. The abbreviation comes from Virtual Private Network.

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Modern VPN makes connections incoming into local networks of computers using virtual dedicated channels and the shared public Internet.

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Privacy is protected by using encryption protocol or Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).

In addition to the most common IPSec, encryption technology PPTP is also used to create VPN encryption technology PPTP.

Virtual Private Network – VPN

Their high reliability is provided via a firewall, which stands at the exit of one local area network and another local one.

The access server directs the work VPN. It produces a secure connection between the client’s, routing and remote access.

Virtual private network: what is it and why do you need it


Modern VPNs can be created based

● Firewalls, which provide transmission and encryption of data;
● Creation of secure channels using routers;
● Software solutions;
● OS;
● Special hardware devices.

The type of used environment is divided into secure VPN, which includes IPSec, OpenVPN, and PPTP VPN on the trusted network. The appointment is divided into

● Intranet VPN, which combines multiple local networks of the company;
● Remote Access VPN connection of a single user to the corporate network
● Extranet VPN supports external users (customers).

In addition to strong encryption, the speed of information passage is a very important feature. 

When all network components are properly configured, VPN technology provides high data protection against unauthorized access and each user has unique login and password.

Virtual private network: what is it and why do you need it

Practical application

VPN allows you to create a virtual network like a local one, but the computers are not physically connected to each other.

The convenience is that you can create the analog of a local network between the computers of users from different countries and continents. The only negative is that such a network will not work without an Internet connection.

But today, most online operators offer constant and high-quality access to the World Wide Web. This is high-quality in the development of local networks and careful organization of corporate networks.

At this stage, this direction is very popular, more and more companies are paying attention to their own VPN with all its facilities.

Of course, a cash investment will be an important component of the success and quality of such technology.

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