Re-released Apple WebKit Zero-Day Patch Fixes Website Breaking

Apple has recently released new Rapid Security Response (RSR) patches to fix a zero-day vulnerability. This vulnerability has been exploited in attacks and affects...

How To Respond Cyber Incident In your Organization

An incident response plan is very essential for any organization to respond to an incident as quickly as possible. Here we have overviewed how...

17 Million Instagram Accounts, 178 GB of TikTok and Yahoo Databases were Leaked

A Major Data Leak of information affects well-known social media sites, including TikTok, Instagram, and Yahoo.The alleged data leak included a 178GB TikTok database,...

Copyright and Data Security in Digital Archives

Data is one of the most valuable assets in the modern world. It informs business decisions, helps diagnose illnesses, and aids in determining court...

10 Best Vulnerability Scanner Tools For Penetration Testing – 2023

A Vulnerability Scanner Tool is one of the essential tools in IT departments Since vulnerabilities pop up every day and thus leaving a...
CoWIN Data Leak

CoWIN Data Leak – Personal Data of COVID Vaccine Recipients Leaked on Telegram

The information of hundreds of thousands of Indians who received the COVID vaccination was exposed in a significant data breach and posted on a...

10 Best Hacker-Friendly Search Engines of 2023

The search engines allow users to find any content via the world wide web.It helps to find any information easily and is a...

Modern CyberSOC – A Brief Implementation Of Building a Cyber Security Infrastructure

In earlier years, everyone depends on CyberSOC (including firewalls, WAF, SIEM, etc.) and the priority in building the SOC provides security, and the CIA...
21 Million Records of VPN Users

21 Million Records of VPN Users Leaked on Telegram

On May 7th, 2022, the data of 21 Million Records of VPN Users was leaked, exposing the personal details and login credentials of the...
Toyota Misconfiguration Data Leak

Toyota Server Misconfiguration Leaks Owners Data for Over Seven Years

The Leak discloses Address, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Email address, Phone number, Name, and Vehicle Registration Number.

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