A Major Data Leak of information affects well-known social media sites, including TikTok, Instagram, and Yahoo.

The alleged data leak included a 178GB TikTok database, over 17 million records on Instagram accounts, and a database leak for Yahoo! accounts.

SOCRadar Dark Web Team has discovered significant database breaches in social media networks.

Additionally, they detected unauthorized admin access to a Spanish online store and the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJUVE) database being offered for sale.

Specifics of the Significant Data Leak

Reports say the data that was leaked from the TikTok database is purportedly in JSON format and came from tiktok.com. Although the leak’s exact date is uncertain, 178GB of data are said to have been exposed.

Data of TikTok are Leaked (Source: SOCRadar)

During the same week, another threat actor allegedly leaked identical information on a different forum.

This threat actor stated that the data dates back to 2022, implying that it could include older records.

Over 17 million records in JSON format, including usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and names, are purportedly included in the Instagram data leak.

Researchers claim that the data’s characteristics suggest that they could have been obtained from open source.

Instagram Database Leak

According to the reports, information on a potential Yahoo! account information breach has been uncovered.

Among other issues, the extent of the breach and the precise information impacted have not been disclosed.

Database of Yahoo! Leak

In addition, attacks are made against IMJUVE, the Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud. The threat actor states that they are offering complete access to the website’s database for sale and that they have access to all the leaked databases.

Furthermore, they claim to have more than 3,000 recordings available for sale.

Additionally, it was discovered that admin access was being sold illegally that allegedly belonged to a Spanish-based online store.

With Spain as the location, the threat actor claims to be offering administrative access to the store. 

The threat actor goes on to list the number of orders for May (467) and June (364), respectively. The admin access is priced at $150.

For both people and businesses, data leaking poses a severe security risk. Sensitive information, including emails, texts, social media postings, and more, can become available to persons who shouldn’t have access to it.

Thus, users must take precautions to safeguard their personal information, such as adopting secure passwords and being wary of concerning emails or communications.

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