The search engines allow users to find any content via the world wide web.

It helps to find any information easily and is a web-based tool that allows someone to discover or detect any data.

Here are the best Hackers’ Search Engines.

There are various search engines that are available online, hackers use. So we are describing here in this article the top search engines for hackers.

10 Best Hackers Search Engines

Best Hackers Search EnginesKey Features
Shodan It is very useful and easy to use
Freely available
GreyNoise VisualizerTargeted scan and attack traffic.
WiGLE Wireless network mapping
It has web applications
CensysEnhance general security
It helps to find open ports
HunterThis is the most dynamic
It is also accessible along with their API
Pipl This is the world’s largest people search engine.
PublicWWWIt has API  also for developers for integration
Shows millions of results for any search request
Zoom EyeIt is very useful for investigators
It is used in cyberspace as wayfinding
HIBPIt is one of the most powerful tools
OSINT FrameworkOpen Source Intelligence framework
Easy to use

Best Hackers Search Engines:

1. Shodan

This search engine helps you to explore internet-connected devices, webcams, routers, servers, security, the Internet Of Things, the web, and more.

This tool helps you to locate which devices are connected to the internet, their locations, and their usage. If any user wants to implement market intelligence, one can use Shodan in that case.

Hackers Search Engines

It is very useful and easy to use and freely available. It also helps in digital footprinting. Shodan also provides a public API that allows other tools to access all of the shodan’s data.

This search engine also monitors what you have associated with the internet.

2. GreyNoise Visualizer

It is a framework that examines and assembles information on the internet-wide scanner and also allows it to focus on targeted scan and attack traffic.

Hackers Search Engines

3. WiGLE

This search engine is used for wireless network mapping. It merges the information of remote systems worldwide into a midway database.

Hackers Search Engines

It has web applications that can upgrade, suspect and map the database through the web. This tool is generally a compliance-based inventory of remote systems.

4. Censys

This search engine helps you to get the data you have to check threats and enhance general security. It helps to find open ports and services that listen on a port.

It also discovers or identifies web server versions, database servers, unpatched vulnerabilities, routers, operating system versions, vulnerable services, web application firewalls, and more.

This search engine persistently collects information about each and every internet server to protect any organization.

5. Hunter

This search engine helps to discover email addresses and links you to multiple connections working in an organization. This is the most dynamic and impressive search engine for email detection.

Hackers Search Engines

The primary service is also accessible along with their API. This API endpoint enables confirmation of the deliverability of an email address.

6. Pipl

These search engines identify the person behind the phone numbers or email addresses. It identifies or discovers everything about a person such as their name, email address, contact information, their personal information, professional data, and more.

This is the world’s largest people search engine.


This search engine is used for source code like if you want to check or locate signatures, alphanumeric extracts, and keywords in the web page HTML, JS and CSS Code.

It has API  also for developers for integration. It shows millions of results for any search request. If anyone wants to discover sites that are using exact images or symbols, you can easily find them from this tool and download the results in CSV formats too.

You can easily recognize if someone makes use of your composition or not and also recognize sites that refer to your identity. We can check use cases, query IP addresses, Combine multiple phrases, and more.

8. Zoom Eye

This search engine is used in cyberspace to record data on sites, administrations, devices, components, and more. Used to detect services and their components through all-day detection so it is very useful for investigators to recognize the components and harmful vulnerabilities.

This search engine is generally known as a “ hacker-friendly “ tool. For security research, we use only registered data because this search engine is not developed for attacks on network devices and websites. It is used in cyberspace as wayfinding (like a navigational chart).


This search engine is known as “Have I Been Pwned“.  Pwn (to compromise or take control).

This means that the account has been the victim of a data breach or it means a site that enables web customers to inspect if their private information has been compromised by data breaches.

This tool assembles and examines various database dumps and identifies the disclosed accounts. This site delivers each and every detail of the data breach and also what particular sorts of information were involved in it.

HBP’s logo includes the text ‘;–, which is a common SQL injection attack string. This search engine is one of the most powerful tools.

10. OSINT Framework

OSINT is defined as an Open Source Intelligence framework, which means it assembles information from publicly available sources to be used in intelligence assessment.

Hackers Search Engines

This search engine is a cybersecurity framework.  This search engine is mostly used in national security, business intelligence functions, and law enforcement.

This framework includes username, email address, contact information, language transition, public records, domain name, IP address, malicious file analysis, threat intelligence, and more.


Listed above are the best search engines for security professionals and penetration testers, if you use any other search engines add them in the comment section and we will share them with the community.

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