Poisoned Facebook Ads Deliver Malware Using Fake ChatGPT, Bard & Other AI Services

Cyber criminals have recently started using Facebook to pretend to be well-known generative AI brands like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Midjourney, and Jasper to steal users'...

WormGPT – A ChatGPT Themed Hacking Tool Used to Launch Cyber Attack

WormGPT, a black-hat-based tool has been recently launched by cybercriminals and has the potential to conduct various social engineering as well as Business Email...
ChatGPT for Penetration Testing

ChatGPT Reconnaissance Techniques for Penetration Testing Success

ChatGPT is one of the biggest and most sophisticated language models ever made, with a massive neural network of over 175 billion parameters.Recent research...

Elon Musk Launches AI Startup Focus on Understanding Reality

Elon Musk publicly announced the establishment of xAI, a startup that aims at exploring "the true nature of the universe" and will also compete...
GPT-4 API Available

OpenAI Has Made The GPT-4 API Available To Everyone

GPT-4, OpenAI's newest text-generation model, is now generally available through its API. As part of its upgrade, the company also made GPT 3.5, DALL-E,...
ChatGPT Browsing Feature

ChatGPT Disabled the Browsing Feature as it Bypasses Paywalls on Websites

OpenAI recently disabled ChatGPT's Bing browsing due to user discovery of its paywall-bypassing potential, commonly employed by news outlets to promote paid subscriptions.While OpenAI...
5 Cyber Security Risks of ChatGPT

ChatGPT and Cybersecurity: Top 5 Cyber Security Risks of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been met with skepticism and optimism in equal measures in the cybersecurity realm. IT professionals leverage this chatbot to write firewall rules,...

ChatGPT Creator Sued for $3 Billion Over Theft of Private Data

In a class action complaint filed on Wednesday, it is claimed that OpenAI and Microsoft stole "vast amounts of private information" from internet users...
ChatGPT Detect Phishing Sites

Can ChatGPT Detect Phishing Sites? – Researchers Answered

The subject of whether ChatGPT can be used to create phishing sites and if it can also be used to detect them accurately has...

Over 100K+ Compromised ChatGPT Accounts on Dark Web Marketplaces

On illegal Dark Web Markets, more than 101,000 hacked accounts of the OpenAI language model ChatGPT were discovered.These hacked credentials were found in the...

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