Zenbleed – AMD’s Zen2 Processor Flaw Allows Attackers to Steal Sensitive Data

The CPUs that are based on x86-64 architecture feature XMM registers (128-bit), recently extended to 256-bit (YMM) and 512-bit (ZMM) for greater capacity.Beyond number...

Hackers Use SMS Alerts to Install SpyNote Malware

Reports indicate that a Smishing campaign was conducted against Japanese Android users under the name of a Japanese Power and Water Infrastructure company. The...

‘SIM Swapper’ Pleads Guilty For Hacking Instagram User Accounts

A 24-year-old man named Amir Hossein Golshan from Downtown Los Angeles has pleaded guilty for hacking Instagram users' accounts, using a technique called "SIM...

15 More Vulnerabilities Added to 2023 CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software

The CVE MITRE foundation has released the list of “On the Cusp” in which many of the CWEs (Common Weakness Enumerations) have increased as...

12 Norway Government Ministries were Targeted in a Cyberattack

According to recent reports, twelve government ministries in Norway have been targeted by cyber-attacks.The most recent attack was aimed at Norway's public sector,...

Critical Zyxel Firewall Injection Flaw Exploited to Conduct DDoS Attacks

Increased botnet activity targeting vulnerability(CVE-2023-28771) in Zyxel devices has become a major concern to its users.This vulnerability lets the unauthorized attacker execute the arbitrary...

Google is Blocking Employee Internet Access to Minimize Cyberattacks

Google is to start a pilot program to have employees work without internet access as a way to decrease the risk of cyberattacks.According to...

Hacked Microsoft Keys Let Attackers Access a Wide Range of Azure Applications

The China-linked threat actors who stole the US State Department and other Microsoft customer emails may have acquired access to apps other than Exchange...

North Korean Hacker Group Breached US IT Firm JumpCloud

The cloud-based IT management firm JumpCloud was compromised by North Korean Lazarus Group hackers who appear to be financially motivated to steal cryptocurrencies.Since at...
Cisco IP Phones Flaw

Cisco Small Business IP Phones Flaw Allows XSS & Injection Attacks

Cisco has published a security advisory that states that they have discovered two vulnerabilities, an XSS and an HTML injection vulnerability.These vulnerabilities existed...

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